A Sunday Side Trip to Atlantic Beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 09/21/2009 - 14:55.

Yesterday was another pleasant day on the Crystal Coast.  One of the great advantages of living here is that it is not very far to other parts of the Crystal Coast.

We can be in Beaufort in 35 minutes, Morehead City in 20minutes, and Atlantic Beach in 25 minutes.

After church, lunch, and watching a little football on the backsides of my eyelids, I decided that we needed to get out and enjoy the great beach weather.

My wife, who had been diligently clipping coupons to take advantage of the Morehead City Harris Teeter's triple coupons, agreed as long as I would drop by the grocery store on the way back.

Just in case things looked fishy I stuck my trout fishing gear in the back of the car, grabbed a couple of cameras, and we were off.

The high rise bridge in Atlantic Beach is always a treat to drive over.  Yesterday I was surprised to see how few boats were on the water, and then I remembered about the boat races in the harbor.

We took a left at the stoplight and headed towards Fort Macon.  Just on the chance that there might be a parking space we turned down Henderson Drive toward the Oasis condos that we have listed.

Sure enough, there was one parking space left so we headed out on the beach.  This location is just each of the Oceana Pier that you can see in this telephoto shot.

The sand was in fantastic shape for walking so we headed on down the beach after I snapped a few photos.

The surf was pretty stirred up so there were some crashing waves.  One of the reasons that I like this stretch is the row of very colorful homes that are perched on the edged of the beach.

As we walked on the solid white sand, I could not help but think how lucky we were to be able to do a beach walk on the way to the grocery store.

There were some great foamy waves and emerald colored waves as well as some serious waves that would have given you a pretty good beating.

I also got a nice picture of a beach bird, which turns to be a Willet, I have been told.  We also saw a turtle nest which I believe never hatched.

There were several boats working up the beach towards Beaufort.  Most of the boats had one or two fishermen in them.

After a great beach walk, we headed off for the triple coupon marathon.  We grabbed some dinner and were back on the White Oak by eight thirty.