Time for the Best Kayaking and Fishing

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 09/22/2012 - 20:46.

For those who are not familiar with North Carolina's Crystal Coast, we have saved the best time of the year for you to come and visit with us.

We often have what I call don't-pinch-me weather well into November.  Here as we get ready to start the last week of September, daytime highs are just a few degrees one way or the other from eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Our evening temperatures are still in the mid-sixties. At our house we have been riding the temperature curve by keeping our heat pumps turned off and our windows open.

It is not unusual for us to have a very nice fall season.  With fall here and no longer just on the horizon, I am starting to remember some great fall weather that we have enjoyed in the past.  I doubt that I will ever forget seeing a bride in the surf. That evening in October 2010 I took some memorable pictures.  The fall of 2011 was also a spectacular one.

With the memories comes a desire to get back on the water.  I have enjoyed fall trips with plenty of fish, but it is worth the effort to get out on the water even if the fish are not cooperating.  So as summer has started to slip away, I have taken to my kayak several times in the last week.

Not only have I rediscovered the great scenery on our waters, but I have also found some very good fishing even this early in the fall season.  On Saturday September 15,  I fished for a couple of hours around high tide.  I managed to bring home a nice-sized flounder which we enjoyed for lunch that day.  It was as much as my wife, Glenda, and I wanted to eat.

On top of the flounder, I caught three feisty puppy drum just below the slot limit.  The cool thing from my perspective is that I caught all the fish within sight of our home in along Raymond's Gut.

As the week moved along, I managed to go fishing four more times in the same area.  I caught puppy drum three of the four times.  There were no more keeper flounder or drum, but I had a lot of fun.  It was windy enough that I stayed close to home and skipped my favorite trout hole which is in the middle of the river.  It wasn't until November of last year that the action really heated up there anyway.

With great weather and the fish already biting, my expectations for the fall of 2012 are high.  Living here along our inlet has already been a great experience over the last six years.  2012 might be a fantastic fall, and one for the record books.

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