What a Difference a Breeze Makes

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 12:11.

Weather is a funny thing, you never know what it is going to do, and here on the Southern Outer Banks, the weather is even more localized than it is in many places.

The nice breeze that we get off the water at our house in Bluewater Cove often has no impact just a few houses up the street.  Other areas of the subdivision get winds from different directions.  We are sheltered from some of those breezes.

We were at our church, Cape Carteret Presbyterian, on July 22, and after the service we talked with some friends who live in Emerald Isle just four or five miles away as a seagull flies.  They commented about how dry it was at their house on Emerald Isle until the rains which came the previous Saturday.

I had just totaled up our rain for May, June, and July.  We've almost reached 12 inches in the three months.  In 2011 we only got 1.85 inches for three months.  Our grass and plants are in much better shape than they were last year.  I can't classify this summer as dry when compared to 2011.

The same folks from Emerald Isle have a place in the North Carolina mountains.  When I mentioned how dry it is in the Virginia mountains they told me it was very wet at their mountain place.

I recently read a piece about the lack of tropical development currently in the Atlantic basic. Apparently Saharan dust is keeping most of the ocean cloud free.  Who would have guessed that?

At a certain point, figuring out the weather is just a brain strain.  The only thing more mysterious than weather might be Apple and their world of computers, iPads, and iPhones.  Often you can wish for things from Apple, but what they let you buy might not be on your wish list.

Like products from Apple we end up taking what we get with the weather whether it's the nice breeze from the west that I enjoyed on July 23, the cool open window nights we had last July, or heat you cannot escape.

A breeze from the west is one of my favorite winds here on the coast.  The west winds blows right through our garage and makes it just another room in the house where I can comfortably work nine months out of the year and even warm days during the winter.

I like a west wind almost as much as I like those blue water mornings when there isn't a ripple on the water.

A good breeze from the west makes mowing the yard a pleasure even during some of the hot months.

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