Travel and tourism

Why I love living in Carteret County


It is really hard to narrow down what got my wife and I to plant some roots in Carteret County.

It turned out that water views and access to water were key to our decisions.

Examining what we went through is a good way to see how we decided what we wanted.

First I have a long history with the area. I have a picture of me fishing on the point at Emerald Isle in 1969 so I guess the seeds were planted early.  read more »

What is special about the Crystal Coast


Many of us who live on along the shore of Bogue Sound in Carteret and Onslow Counties have a slight but persistent smile on our faces. Even when the weather is a little out of sorts, we know that we are living in one the greatest places on earth.

That is a pretty tall statement, but I actually think that I have the travel credentials to back it up. In fact we have lived in some spectacular places like the Nova Scotia shore. I have also been to New Zealand, Australia, Prince Edward Island, and spent far too much time in my corporate career in California.  read more »