A Different View Of The River


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A lot of people drive across the White Oak River at the Highway 24 bridges in Swansboro.  A far smaller number visitors venture up the White Oak in a boat.   The zig and zag of the mostly marked channel in the White Oak tends to limit the number of out of town visitors.  There are only a handful of folks who regularly kayak on the White Oak between the Croatan National Forest Access in Cedar Point and the bridges.  Up river where I am the number dwindles to almost zero.  read more »

High Water In The Marshes


I love having a home on an inlet of a big tidal river.  Living with the rhythms of the tides means that things are never exactly the same along the water.
When we get a really low tide,  the marsh becomes beach front property for fiddler crabs.  If we get a really high tide, just about anything can be wandering in the water covered marsh grass including my favorite fish, the red drum.

How high the tide goes depends on lots of things including the wind direction, the moon, and what storm happens to be riding up the coast.

Things get even more exciting out on the river.  During a very high tide, oyster bars can be submerged and the river can look like a lake that is easy to navigate.
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Equilibrium On The River


Big coastal rivers always have a mind of their own.  The White Oak River near our home is no exception.  While I can make some educated guesses as to what its mood is by using the telephoto lens on my favorite camera,  I never know what is really happening until I get out on it with either my skiff or kayak.  When you factor in the riddle of coastal weather,  things can get interesting on the river.  read more »

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Gordie McAdams Speckled Trout Surf Fishing Tourney

11/01/2009 - 00:00
12/05/2009 - 00:00

The seventh annual Gordie McAdams Speckled Trout Surf Fishing Tournament, sponsored by Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation and The Reel Outdoors will run from Oct. 24 to Dec. 5. Registration is free. Pre-registration is required and the deadline is Wed., Oct. 21 at 5pm. All trout must be caught by fishing on foot (surf, pier, inlet, sound) from Fort Macon to EI. NO BOATS.  The official weigh-in station is The Reel Outdoors. For more info.  contact Brittany Wood at 252-354-6350 or

A Day with the Bluefish


An updated version of this article can be found at this link.

I promised myself an afternoon on the water, and it will be one that I will remember for a long time for a number of reasons.

First off the weather was about as perfect as it could get.  You could have sailed a bathtub out Bogue Inlet into the Atlantic yesterday.  The water was amazingly quiet as you can see from the picture of Emerald Isle  that was taken well off of Hammocks Beach.

The White Oak River was even smoother.  There was hardly a ripple as we approached Swansboro.  When we came home three hours later, it was the same.

More importantly it was just as quiet after we left the inlet for the ocean.  A good fishing buddy had told me to go out the Inlet and fish in the channel just where it was filling in with sand.  read more »

Quiet in the ocean yesterday


Yesterday was a busy day.  I had to attend a sales meeting in Pine Knoll Shores at 9 AM.  I left from Bluewater Cove at about 8:25 AM and made it with time to spare.

I took the scenic route up the beach.  It is a measure of how quiet it is now that I made the 22 mile trip in thirty minutes or less.  We all know better than to speed on the beach road so there has to no traffic to make it that far in such a short time.

I did hit all four Emerald Isle stoplights on green so that helped a little.

On my way back down the beach just before noon, I called my fishing buddy, Brian, and asked if he was still okay with going fishing in the afternoon.  He asked if his dad could come along, and of course I agreed.  We decided to leave our dock at 2 PM.
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Proof the Red Drum are here


When I headed to work this afternoon, I passed the house of Brian, one of my fishing buddies.  He had his skiff in the driveway and was ready to head out.

He told me another friend was driving a couple hours so they could try the fishing over in the Inlet.

I wished him well, and headed off to work.  Work was pretty dull as real estate can be these days.  I knocked off a post about What is so special about the Crystal Coast and set up the showing for one property.

I left work five minutes early so I could meet my wife at our church, Cape Carteret Presbyterian, to have our pictures taken for the church directory.

That took longer than expected so we headed off to gas up both vehicles and then to Andy's to grab a burger for dinner.  Dinner was great and quick, and we motored off towards Bluewater Cove as the last of the day's light started to fade.
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