Bare Feet in the Warm Rain


It is amazing what you take for granted.   It is easiest to lose track of the little things.  May 30, we were waiting for sub-tropical storm Beryl to show up in our neighborhood.

Last summer we survived Irene, and there were no severe weather warnings with Beryl. No one was expecting much.   I got up to mostly clouds and light rain. 

I enjoyed an uneventful first cup of coffee.  My normal walk to get the morning paper was in heavy, warm rain.  I intentionally left my footwear, a pair of Crocs, in the garage.

I walk a lot on the beach and just the other day I noticed the tread was worn off those Crocs.  I have learned from experience that tread-less Crocs and wet concrete are a lethal combination.

Without any serious thought, I walked out to get the newspaper in my bare feet.  I have done it many times.  Sometimes the concrete is too cold or too hot, but I have managed to survive it one way or the other even in the rain.

Often like on May 30, the walk without shoes is comfortable and reminds me of my youth in rural NC in the fifties when shoes were optional in the summer.  read more »

Rumbles along the Crystal Coast from the tail end of Lee


Thunder is rumbling along the coast the morning of September 7, 2011.  We are just catching a bit of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

Some of the thunder and lightning has been impressive, but we actually were in need of some rain.  Ten days after Hurricane Irene dumped over ten inches of rain on us, things were starting to dry out.  I actually ran our sprinklers yesterday and watered my surviving tomato plants.

As noon has slipped up on me, there appears to be some blue sky to the west of us over Swansboro.  The rain has stopped at least for now though the forecast says that thunderstorms might re-develop this afternoon.

The morning's rains brought us somewhere between one half an inch and three quarters of an inch of precipitation depending on which one of my rain gauges one can believe.  Likely I will just average it out and say that we got a little over six tenths of an inch of rain.

The temperature actually dropped briefly to the mid-seventies. We have not been below 80F for a number of days, and as the morning finishes we are just now recovering to 80F. It will be warm this afternoon.
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An Antidote for the Clouds


Some weather patterns are just irritating.  Our current one which gives us mostly clouds and offshore winds without any rain is one that I would not chose.

I am a morning person, and I thrive on blue skies and sunshine.  I can store up enough sunshine to get me through two or three days of clouds, but if it goes beyond that my glass will start looking half empty instead of half full.

This morning you had to look very hard for a touch of blue skies.  My walk out on the dock brought no sign of the sun shining through the clouds.  The waters are still and black this morning.

When you get nearly a perfect reflection, the morning breezes have not started.  It was actually very quiet on the gut behind the house this morning.  There was only one swirl of bait fish visible along with a circle from a jumping mullet.
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With the rain gone, we get a peek at blue skies


It is hard to believe that we got 8.3 inches of rain yesterday from 5 AM until midnight.

Our ditches were running full, but the culverts seemed to handle all the water.

With that much rain coming out of the sky, I doubt that we will have to worry about watering the yard again this year.

The centipede grass will start to slow down with fall anyway

It was a relief to see some blue skies this morning even if they only hung around for a few minutes.

It appears the storm has headed slowly north so we can focus on drying out and getting on with the rest of our beach season.

So how much rain did you have at your place?

Hope for Weekend Blue Skies


I have not posted since Tuesday afternoon so it is a fair assumption that we have been cloudy in ensuing few days.

Dull clouds are hard to draw inspiration from on a regular basis.  Real estate business has also been busy with a couple of looming closings and some new buyers on the horizon.

This morning it was refreshing to see some blue sky working its way through the clouds.

The forecast for the weekend is spectacular though the marine forecast looks a little challenging with some pretty good winds.

We hope to get out in the boat this morning and maybe this afternoon.

Hopefully I will get some nice blue sky water pictures.

And the clouds move in


When I got up this morning a little before 7AM,  the skies were still blue, but you could see clouds moving into the area.  By 9AM we were having some rain which continued in spurts all morning.

It certainly was not a bad day.  The temperatures never got out of the seventies which is a little unusual around here in August.

We are at the end of August so it is something of the changing of the seasons even if the weather clock is still pointing to summer.  All the children have gone back to school.  The beaches, restaurants, and highways are getting back to our normal state which is not very crowded.

This whole week is supposed to be a little cooler than normal, but after all the heat we have seen in the last few weeks, we can take a few days of where the humidity and temperature do not combine to cook us.

I would not mind mowing my yard and being able to find a dry spot or two on my clothes. Going fishing without cooking would also be nice.

Most of the clouds that came in this morning lasted all day.  In fact it seemed to get dark a little early today, but I sure it was just the cloudy weather.
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The state of the beach


Hurricane Bill has been in the news a lot.  We watched some swells building earlier in the week.  Last night we went over to the beach for a walk.

We wanted to see if the high water and potentially heavy surf from Bill had made any changes to the beach.

Of course the beach changes even with regular surf so I guess you could say that we were just checking on the state of the beach.

There were very few people at the Eastern Regional Access as we continued up the beach.  My favorite beach is the nearly invisible Third Street Beach. 
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