Marshmallow Man Heads for Bluewater Cove Pool


When I got up this morning, I was pleased to see the house windows not as fogged as they were the last couple of mornings.  A quick temperature check showed that at a few minutes before 7 AM we were a couple of degrees under 80F.  read more »

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And the skies open up this afternoon


I have been complaining about the weatherman crying wolf.  I guess I will be quiet now that we have endured a deluge that overwhelmed our culverts.

For thirty to forty five minutes this afternoon we saw rain coming down as hard as I have seen it in a long time.

In that time span our gauge at Bluewater Cove recorded 1.75 inches of rain.  That comes on top of the 1 inch of rain that we got yesterday afternoon.  read more »

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Crying Weather Wolf


We came back to the Southern Outer Banks late Saturday night a week ago.  My rain gauge was showing slightly over two inches of rain.

Looking at the weather forecast for the week, I was a little concerned that I might have a hard time getting my yard mowed, but Monday morning while cloudy was as reasonable a choice for mowing as any day this week.
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The clouds are back


Saying the clouds are back is more for the benefit of my sun deprived friends in New England than it is a description of our weather.

We are warm, humid, and likely to have afternoon thunderstorms.  That is a safe forecast for most of the South on any given day during the summer.

It also works for here along the Crystal Coast.  Being in the heart of the summer here on the coast is not something to fear.  You just have to accept the heat, humidity, and afternoon storms.
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Chasing Blue Skies


The other day we were headed out of town.  It had been a morning with on again off again clouds.  Sometimes the blue sky was winning, other times the clouds seemed to be taking over.

I started thinking about all the times that we have piled in the car and headed to the beach with the hope that we will find blue skies.

If you think about the orientation of our beaches which run north-south, then it should not come as much of a surprise that once in a while if you head up the beach from Emerald Isle, you will drive out of the clouds into blue sky.
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A perfect day over on the beaches


This has to be considered a glorious beach day.  The temperatures were in the mid to upper eighties with a slight breeze.  As far as I can tell the skies were completely blue with only a hint of some clouds.  On top of that the sea oats are at the peak of their beauty.
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The air has changed


This morning's walk to the mailbox was a pleasant treat.  Gone are the muggy temperatures in the eighties.  This morning we have a north breeze and our temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is a great way to start the day.  This week's weather calls for the temperatures to stay in the low to mid eighties until Friday when we get back to ninety, and our first chance for showers shows up.
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