The Calm of a Summer Morning


When summer comes, morning becomes a time to get up and get moving early.  In the South, if you miss the morning work window, you risk heatstroke during the heat of the day.

In June morning is nearly perfect here on the Crystal Coast.  The temperature was around 75 degrees when I walked out my driveway to get this morning's newspaper.  The birds were singing all around me, and there was just the touch of a light breeze.
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We will have nice weather by the weekend


Getting to summer can be a long road with several detours.  This weekend's rain which is now over two inches made for a very quiet Sunday at our home.  read more »

The bumpy ride to warmth

Not a Reston doorstep view.jpg

Our coastal weather never ceases to amaze me.  It was only last year, that we could not seem to find a rain shower until the day after we turned on the sprinklers.

This year we have enjoyed regular rains.  In the last week, we have gotten over 2.3 inches of precipitation.  I would be very surprised if we have any subsoil moisture deficit. I do not mind the rains, but as is often the case, they are followed by winds this time of year.
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Spring is getting here


Spring always takes its time arriving here at the coast.  We get some of the trappings of spring.  The Bradford pear trees bloom. Dandelions bloom.  Our daffodils bloom so early that they almost seem like a winter flower.  In truth spring is a slow event on the coast because the water warms up slowly.
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February warmth, a southern birthright


This is one of those February days that you would have to work very hard to not enjoy.  Last night we got a nice rain which was a lot better than snow or even dealing with snow envy.

I am happy to report that the window in my upstairs office is open and my view is close to that of the picture included in the post.  Actually most of the difference is that I have a cat sitting in the window.
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A wintery diversion


I have been through a range of emotions with this snow.  First it was disbelief that snow could find us in the paradise which we had chosen as a place to hide from snow and ice.  Then I was a little irritated at the whole thought of snow here.  Finally when it started accumulating a little, I became resigned to having to deal with it.
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Weather to please everyone


Yesterday was another warm January day with the temperature rising at least to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.  I spent the morning doing paperwork with the idea that we would go for a hike during the nicest part of the day.  This time of year that is between 1 PM and 3 PM.
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