Cool New Year's Day on the Crystal Coat


New Year's eve was a fantastic day to get outside and enjoy some nice weather.  It was sixty-one degrees over on the beach at Emerald Isle.  Given the nasty weather to the north of us, we certainly cannot complain.
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Better weather on the horizon


Our most recent storm dropped one and one third inches of rain on the area this week according to my gauges.

I sneaked away from work ten minutes early yesterday so I could drive down Anita Forte in Cape Carteret to take the sunset picture at the top of the post.

If we follow the old proverb of "red sky at night,  sailor's delight," we should be in good shape for next week.

The weather forecast actually confirms that.
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Rainy weather moves through the area


It seems like we have been on a weather carousel which lets us choose only cold weather or warm and wet weather.  I snapped the foggy night picture in Swansboro on Wednesday evening.

I would be a lot happier if we could just get back to warm and sunny.  Today we got something over an inch of rain which comes just after some cold weather.  At least it was warm, even if it was wet.
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If it looks like winter and it feels like winter....


It must be winter.  This morning marked the first time that I have ever seen snow flurries here at the beach.  We were away earlier in the week, but ran into some snow squalls just before we crossed Interstate 95 on our westward journey.  Apparently those snow flurries also made it here.
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I hope it stays like this all year


When you love the out of doors, weather stays a major factor in your life. You get to a certain age, and the idea of going fishing with snow on the ground just does not offer any appeal so warm weather is important if you like to fish.

Last fall I was pretty busy learning about boating and the area. This fall I know enough to enjoy fishing a lot more. While my addiction to fishing is tempered by my love of photography and boating, it remains something I enjoy immensely.  read more »

Perfect weather to visit Carteret County


Most people come to the beach during the summertime when the water has warmed to the point that swimming is nice. I enjoy swimming in the ocean each summer, but my favorite season on the coast is fall. The days are warm and the nights are cool. I should also mention the fish are usually biting also.

This is an especially great time to visit the beach if you are thinking about moving or retiring here. Most of the people still around are locals. The restaurants are not crowded or rushed so striking up a conversation with another person is pretty easy.  read more »

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