Memories of Past Snow Storms


February 9, 2013 will be frozen into the memories of many folks along the east coast. Nemo, the blizzard/nor’easter/storm, will not be easy to forget   I’m happy to be living in Carteret County, North Carolina where snow does not make a lot of appearances.

I have paid my dues when it comes to snow.  My wife, Glenda, and I lived in Atlantic Canada for sixteen years. I remember one storm of over three feet when it took me most of the morning to blow a quarter mile path to our nearest barn.  That might sound about right, but I was using a 100 PTO HP tractor and an eight foot wide dual auger snow blower.  It took me the rest of the day to get to our cattle.  

It was one of many adventures which came from living in a Canadian snow belt.  You know it is bad when you live in area famous for snow in country where most think it snows year round. 

It was very different. The snow plows did not even get on the road unless we had more than six inches of snow.  The first year I kept track of the snow.  We had twenty-three feet.  There were times when our fields had over six feet of snow on them. 
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Beach Weather on the Crystal Coast


If you live at the beach, you spend a lot of time thinking about wind and weather.  It just comes with the territory for most people.

While I learned a lot in my first career of farming, I think paying attention to the weather has always been in my genes.

My teenage years were spent in Mt. Airy, NC in a home that is now the Sobotta Manor B&B.  I often enjoyed sitting on the side porch of the house during thunderstorms.  From one end I could see the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains while the other side overlooked my mother's azaleas. 
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An evening on the beach with some Bluefish


Yesterday was a busy day for me.  I had a closing and a couple of other real estate things to do, but the whole day I kept in the back of my mind the idea that I was going over to the beach to fish a little.

I had a form to be signed to extend a listing which required a trip to the island.  Then I had another meeting where I was dropping off house warming gifts for a recently closed house that required driving back up highway 58.

By the time we were done with all of that the clock was ticking towards 6 PM.  Still we made it over to the beach with plenty of time to fish.

The full fishing story is here.  The summary is that I hit one of my favorite beaches just as the Bluefish were jumping just beyond my casting range.

As luck would have it, the Bluefish moved closer to shore just as the sun was setting, and I managed to meet my goal of a catching a nice 16" long Bluefish.

It was lots of fun since I caught the Bluefish on the light rod that I bought for trout last year.
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Still overcast


This morning we still have couldy skies.  I am blaming it on the large storm that is pounding the New Jersey area.  This morning they have seen heavy rain and winds to 45 mph along with some tornado warnings.

This storm is the enhanced version of the storm that dropped over eight inches of rain on our area this past Monday.

It certainly feels like summer has escaped our grasp, but I am pretty sure that summer is not yet over.

It is supposed to warm up this weekend, and after all, this cool air feels good after all the heat and humidity that we saw in August.

I mowed my yard yesterday, and it was a whole lot more comfortable than my last mowing which let left me with not a dry thread on me.

This morning I read that much of the NC apple crop was damaged in a hail storm.  I guess we are stuck with collards.
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Feels like Fall on the Coast


Last night while I was working in my office, I opened the windows.  The humidity had disappeared from the air.  As my wife said, September seemed to flip the page of the weather calendar this year.

I tried to sleep with my bedroom window open, but the frogs were still celebrating the 8.3 inches of rain so I had to close the window at about 3 AM.

This morning our front porch weather sensor which you can see by going to the link, clicking "Member Data," and viewing the Bluewater Cove point near "Camp Lejeune" was reading 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is actually pretty cool for the Crystal Coast in early September.  Unfortunately there is some even cooler weather building up to the far north.  Edmonton, Alberta is showing 36F this morning, and my friends in Montana are looking at 35F.

The good news is that we are supposed to warm up as the week moves toward the weekend.

We will be back in the middle eighties by the weekend, and it looks like we will remain dry.  read more »

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With the rain gone, we get a peek at blue skies


It is hard to believe that we got 8.3 inches of rain yesterday from 5 AM until midnight.

Our ditches were running full, but the culverts seemed to handle all the water.

With that much rain coming out of the sky, I doubt that we will have to worry about watering the yard again this year.

The centipede grass will start to slow down with fall anyway

It was a relief to see some blue skies this morning even if they only hung around for a few minutes.

It appears the storm has headed slowly north so we can focus on drying out and getting on with the rest of our beach season.

So how much rain did you have at your place?

Hope for Weekend Blue Skies


I have not posted since Tuesday afternoon so it is a fair assumption that we have been cloudy in ensuing few days.

Dull clouds are hard to draw inspiration from on a regular basis.  Real estate business has also been busy with a couple of looming closings and some new buyers on the horizon.

This morning it was refreshing to see some blue sky working its way through the clouds.

The forecast for the weekend is spectacular though the marine forecast looks a little challenging with some pretty good winds.

We hope to get out in the boat this morning and maybe this afternoon.

Hopefully I will get some nice blue sky water pictures.