Looks like a great beach day


Today has dawned with lots of blue skies and light breezes.  There were white herons all around Bluewater Cove this morning.  The water was also mirror image quiet.

I am hoping to perhaps get out on the water today after church.

Real estate has keep me hopping most of this week, but I think I should be able to do some fun stuff this afternoon.

After today the weather is supposed to cool.

One of Canadian friends told me that there were some frost warnings in New Brunswick.

It is that time of year again.  Fortunately here on the coast we are just heading into our best season of the year.

Here are some pictures of our neighborhood white herons.

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What will our skies look like this weekend?


All week we have had our standard blue skies and white puffy clouds in the morning followed by more ominous clouds in the afternoon.

Today we lost our blue skies, but not before I cooked myself by mowing the yard at noon in full Southern heat.  I know better to mow in the midday heat, but sometimes you run out of options.

It did get partly cloudy this morning and by later in the afternoon, we had full cloud cover courtesy of Tropical Storm Danny.

I was working hard this morning and early afternoon to get a contract on a property.  So instead of starting to mow, I was waiting by the telephone.  I took advantage of the time and responded to someone considering moving to the Carolina coast.

Finally with the phone not ringing and noon approaching, I left my wife in charge of the phone, donned my straw hat, and let the heat wrap its arms around me.
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The ramp to nowhere


Today we had a little more free time so we headed back to the Point on Emerald Isle to get a better view of the damage from Hurricane Bob.

You can get a very good idea of what the Point looked prior to Bill by checking these photos on the access repair done in December 2008.  I also have these photos which I took on June 5 which show what a huge expanse of sand was at the Point most of the summer.  read more »

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The Point at Emerald Isle gets a makeover


Just when we thought that Hurricane Bill might not have changed much in the area, we heard some reports the sand over at the Point on Emerald Isle had been remodeled.

We made a quick trip over early this afternoon to check it out.  It has definitely changed.  This area shown by one of my photos in Panoramio is mostly under water now.  read more »

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Back to the beach


It felt great to stick my toes in the salt water once again this afternoon.  It was almost a week since the last time, and that is far too long in my book.
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Sheets of water


Our great beach weather ended yesterday with a deluge.  Just before noon I was over on Emerald Isle picking up keys to check out a listing.  As I came back across the bridge I saw very dark clouds north up Highway 58 towards Peletier.

I finished my errands without any rain in Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, or Bogue.  However as I drove up 58 towards Bluewater Cove, I rain into rain at the new Boonedocks (old Dive).  That was about twenty minutes after one.
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A Week of Great Beach Weather


Sometimes you just cannot take the time to sit in front of a computer and write.  The weather is too perfect.  This past week was just such a week.

While we saw some hot temperatures, those toasty temperatures made the ocean water feel just about right.  We were certainly not the only people who figured this out.

Some of the beach parking areas were as full as they have been all summer.

Yesterday we sneaked in one last trip to the beach before the weather change.  read more »

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