Expect Heat


Yesterday evening over at the beach was really nice.  The air seemed to change.  The moon was out later, and there were no clouds in the sky to obstruct the view.

Last night the weathermen all seemed to be on the same page.  We should expect the heat to build into the weekend.  Today they are calling for inland temperatures in the mid-nineties and coastal temperatures in the upper eighties.

It is August, and we are in North Carolina so heat does not come as a surprise.
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Crying Weather Wolf


We came back to the Southern Outer Banks late Saturday night a week ago.  My rain gauge was showing slightly over two inches of rain.

Looking at the weather forecast for the week, I was a little concerned that I might have a hard time getting my yard mowed, but Monday morning while cloudy was as reasonable a choice for mowing as any day this week.
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Blue skies and stirred up water


The Friday weather forecast called for storms and rain in the afternoon.  In an effort to catch some sun and surf before what seemed like a series of damps days, we headed to the beach Friday morning.

We wanted some peace and quiet also, so we headed up the island to Third Street Beach.  From our home it is seven miles to the intersection of Coast Guard Road and Emerald Drive (Route 58).  Third Street Beach is another eight miles up the beach.  With some traffic it usually takes us 20 minutes or so to get there.  read more »

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Some things to do at the beach


A list of things to do at the beach, specifically in the Emerald Isle area.

  1. Take a walk on the Point
  2. Catch a fish in the surf
  3. Do an evening stroll on the Pier
  4. Rent a kayak and explore Bogue Sound
  5. Vote on which place has the best ice cream
  6. Take a bike ride from one end of town to the other
  7. Walk the Emerald Woods trail
  8. See how high you can fly a kite
  9. Play a round of Putt-Putt
  10. Cook some local shrimp
  11. Visit Swansboro’s shops
  12. Go to NC’s PKS Aquarium
  13. Visit Beaufort & the Maritime Museum
  14. Search out the area’s best Grouper sandwich
  15. Eat a Bogue Sound Watermelon
  16. Have some Winberry's Corn
  17. Relax on the beach
  18. Find out what heads on or off means
  19. Take a sunset picture to remember
  20. Let a wave hit you in the middle of your back

Have fun.  Read more about our beaches at Life Along The Crystal Coast.

The clouds are back


Saying the clouds are back is more for the benefit of my sun deprived friends in New England than it is a description of our weather.

We are warm, humid, and likely to have afternoon thunderstorms.  That is a safe forecast for most of the South on any given day during the summer.

It also works for here along the Crystal Coast.  Being in the heart of the summer here on the coast is not something to fear.  You just have to accept the heat, humidity, and afternoon storms.
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A windy day for fighting a fire and crabs


While I have not hear anything since the evening news, I suspect the winds gusting to 25 mph did little to help the fire fighting efforts over by Nine Mile Road in Croatan National Forest.

According to news reports the fire has already burned 800 acres.  Some reports that I have heard indicate that this weekend's rain actually hindered efforts to contain the fire by burning areas ahead of it.  read more »

Chasing Blue Skies


The other day we were headed out of town.  It had been a morning with on again off again clouds.  Sometimes the blue sky was winning, other times the clouds seemed to be taking over.

I started thinking about all the times that we have piled in the car and headed to the beach with the hope that we will find blue skies.

If you think about the orientation of our beaches which run north-south, then it should not come as much of a surprise that once in a while if you head up the beach from Emerald Isle, you will drive out of the clouds into blue sky.
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