A perfect day over on the beaches


This has to be considered a glorious beach day.  The temperatures were in the mid to upper eighties with a slight breeze.  As far as I can tell the skies were completely blue with only a hint of some clouds.  On top of that the sea oats are at the peak of their beauty.
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Finishing the Day on the Point


I am not sure the weather can get much better.  Even when it looked like we might get a line of storms yesterday, it turned out to be a false alarm.  This morning it was 64F when I got up.  Even just before 9 AM, we have the air conditioning turned off, and the windows all open.
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A Day on Bogue Inlet


Yesterday was a magnificent summer day.  I got lucky and was able to spend much of it in Bogue Inlet fishing and counting clouds.

It was one of those really nice times that you often get to enjoy here on the Crystal Coast.  It was a super smooth ride out the White Oak River and the Intracoastal.

We had nice breeze to keep us cool.  The fish were biting just enough to keep us interested.  Three bottle nosed dolphins swam by so we could enjoy watching them.

People were playing on the low water beaches.
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Check in day


Today was the Fourth of July, and it fell on a Saturday.  As those who live here on the Crystal Coast know, Saturday and Sunday are check in days for the rental properties on the island.

Many people saw Emerald Isle for the first time today.  I handed out fliers at Bluewater's key pickup line.  They were expecting three hundred people to check in today.  I got there at about 1:15 PM and left at 3:45 PM.
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The air has changed


This morning's walk to the mailbox was a pleasant treat.  Gone are the muggy temperatures in the eighties.  This morning we have a north breeze and our temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is a great way to start the day.  This week's weather calls for the temperatures to stay in the low to mid eighties until Friday when we get back to ninety, and our first chance for showers shows up.
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Evening Beach Relaxation


Even  we beach residents have some stress.  This morning we ran some errands, and then we decided to stay in out of the heat.  I had a contract website project that I needed three hours to finish so it was a good thing to do on a hot day.

However, I had planned for some beach relaxation late in the evening.  About twenty minutes until eight PM this evening after we had finished dinner, we headed over to Emerald Isle.  I had packed one of my spinning rods, some shrimp, and gear for some bottom fishing.
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Why I Love Cannonsgate on Bogue Sound


Cannonsgate on Bogue Sound, a beautiful gated community which is located right on the Intracoastal Waterway is a unique place to live. It has a 75 slip marina, gorgeous Charleston style clubhouse, walking trails, pool, tennis courts, putting green, natural areas, lakes, and a community postal center. For the boating enthusiast, it is a most desirable place to live. One can go out of the marina and travel by boat up and down the Eastern coastline! The grounds are immaculately groomed, and the views of Bogue Sound are exquisite, especially at sunrise and sunset.  read more »

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