The best place on the Crystal Coast to live is here.

Swansboro Amore'

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I love River Reach neighborhood in Swansboro. It has a quiet neighborly feel to it and has a convenient water access right on the White Oak River. It is about five to ten minutes away from downtown Swansboro by bike. Swansboro has many events through the year like the Seafood Festival “my favorite”, Mackerel Tournament, and many others. Swansboro has great fishing, beaches, kayaking and parks nearby.  read more »

Summer evening at the beach


Today was a warm one here on the Crystal Coast.  I was lucky since I spent four hours in the afternoon out on the water.  The wind was blowing pretty good so the front of the skiff got a few slaps, but we still had a great time.  With the stiff breeze there was no danger of getting too hot.  read more »

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The Calm of a Summer Morning


When summer comes, morning becomes a time to get up and get moving early.  In the South, if you miss the morning work window, you risk heatstroke during the heat of the day.

In June morning is nearly perfect here on the Crystal Coast.  The temperature was around 75 degrees when I walked out my driveway to get this morning's newspaper.  The birds were singing all around me, and there was just the touch of a light breeze.
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Record weekend, where are the people?


This past Thursday I heard some reliable sources say that this second week of June might well be a record rental week.  Today another source confirmed that initial reports seem to indicate a record weekend.

My question then is, "Where is everyone?"  We were at the Cape Carteret Festival yesterday.  It seemed like a good crowd but nothing overwhelming.  When we came back from some shopping, we stopped at the Food Lion over in Swansboro.  While they had a steady crowd, it certainly was not the mad house that I have seen.
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The best highrise view on the Crystal Coast


If you live on the Crystal Coast, you eventually forget that your world is basically flat with little more than a beach dune to call a hill.  Being from the mountains, I miss the occasional view from a high point.

For that reason I was excited to take a tour of the new Grand Villas in Indian Beach.  It is certainly a first class experience and probably the tallest building on this end of the beach.
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Beach Time!


I think that we can safely say that memories of our "winter" are receding quickly.  Today's temperature over on the beach was in the upper eighties.  The whole week has been really nice with enough breeze picking up in the afternoon to keep us from cooking.

People are in the water and enjoying it.

Some folks coming to the beach are looking to cook themselves on the sand.  After the winter that many US areas just escaped, some warmth from the sand is a great way to renew your spirit.
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