Great evening for Emerald Isle Beach Jive after Five


As soon as we started walking through the parking lot of the Islander over on Emerald Isle this afternoon, we noticed some live music coming from next door.  It turned out to be the Emerald Isle Beach Jive after Five. 

We got there after the band started playing but the Emerald Isle website lists the band as the Conch Stew.  We were attending attending a "Business after hours" Chamber of Commerce event next door at the Islander so I could not devote full attention to the band.  read more »

February warmth, a southern birthright


This is one of those February days that you would have to work very hard to not enjoy.  Last night we got a nice rain which was a lot better than snow or even dealing with snow envy.

I am happy to report that the window in my upstairs office is open and my view is close to that of the picture included in the post.  Actually most of the difference is that I have a cat sitting in the window.
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A wintery diversion


I have been through a range of emotions with this snow.  First it was disbelief that snow could find us in the paradise which we had chosen as a place to hide from snow and ice.  Then I was a little irritated at the whole thought of snow here.  Finally when it started accumulating a little, I became resigned to having to deal with it.
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Rainy weather moves through the area


It seems like we have been on a weather carousel which lets us choose only cold weather or warm and wet weather.  I snapped the foggy night picture in Swansboro on Wednesday evening.

I would be a lot happier if we could just get back to warm and sunny.  Today we got something over an inch of rain which comes just after some cold weather.  At least it was warm, even if it was wet.
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Nothing but beach, cool air, and beautiful sunsets


These cool temperatures can give you an excuse not to go outside.  I try not to let that happen especially when something nice is happening.  Last year one of my favorite spots, the Point at Emerald Isle, got a little more isolated when the shifting sands of the beach forced the closure of the vehicle and pedestrian access point.  read more »

If it looks like winter and it feels like winter....


It must be winter.  This morning marked the first time that I have ever seen snow flurries here at the beach.  We were away earlier in the week, but ran into some snow squalls just before we crossed Interstate 95 on our westward journey.  Apparently those snow flurries also made it here.
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Fort Macon State Park Beach Hike

11/07/2008 - 10:00
11/07/2008 - 12:00

There will be a leisurely hike along the beach to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area at 10am, Friday, Nov. 7. Meet at the bathhouse.

Call 252-726-3775 for details.

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