Feels like Fall on the Coast


Last night while I was working in my office, I opened the windows.  The humidity had disappeared from the air.  As my wife said, September seemed to flip the page of the weather calendar this year.

I tried to sleep with my bedroom window open, but the frogs were still celebrating the 8.3 inches of rain so I had to close the window at about 3 AM.

This morning our front porch weather sensor which you can see by going to the link, clicking "Member Data," and viewing the Bluewater Cove point near "Camp Lejeune" was reading 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is actually pretty cool for the Crystal Coast in early September.  Unfortunately there is some even cooler weather building up to the far north.  Edmonton, Alberta is showing 36F this morning, and my friends in Montana are looking at 35F.

The good news is that we are supposed to warm up as the week moves toward the weekend.

We will be back in the middle eighties by the weekend, and it looks like we will remain dry.  read more »

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I hope it stays like this all year


When you love the out of doors, weather stays a major factor in your life. You get to a certain age, and the idea of going fishing with snow on the ground just does not offer any appeal so warm weather is important if you like to fish.

Last fall I was pretty busy learning about boating and the area. This fall I know enough to enjoy fishing a lot more. While my addiction to fishing is tempered by my love of photography and boating, it remains something I enjoy immensely.  read more »