Beach Time!


I think that we can safely say that memories of our "winter" are receding quickly.  Today's temperature over on the beach was in the upper eighties.  The whole week has been really nice with enough breeze picking up in the afternoon to keep us from cooking.

People are in the water and enjoying it.

Some folks coming to the beach are looking to cook themselves on the sand.  After the winter that many US areas just escaped, some warmth from the sand is a great way to renew your spirit.
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February warmth, a southern birthright


This is one of those February days that you would have to work very hard to not enjoy.  Last night we got a nice rain which was a lot better than snow or even dealing with snow envy.

I am happy to report that the window in my upstairs office is open and my view is close to that of the picture included in the post.  Actually most of the difference is that I have a cat sitting in the window.
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Weather to please everyone


Yesterday was another warm January day with the temperature rising at least to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.  I spent the morning doing paperwork with the idea that we would go for a hike during the nicest part of the day.  This time of year that is between 1 PM and 3 PM.
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I hope it stays like this all year


When you love the out of doors, weather stays a major factor in your life. You get to a certain age, and the idea of going fishing with snow on the ground just does not offer any appeal so warm weather is important if you like to fish.

Last fall I was pretty busy learning about boating and the area. This fall I know enough to enjoy fishing a lot more. While my addiction to fishing is tempered by my love of photography and boating, it remains something I enjoy immensely.  read more »