The state of the beach


Hurricane Bill has been in the news a lot.  We watched some swells building earlier in the week.  Last night we went over to the beach for a walk.

We wanted to see if the high water and potentially heavy surf from Bill had made any changes to the beach.

Of course the beach changes even with regular surf so I guess you could say that we were just checking on the state of the beach.

There were very few people at the Eastern Regional Access as we continued up the beach.  My favorite beach is the nearly invisible Third Street Beach. 
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Happy Fourth of July


The day is finally here.  We have made it to our country's birthday once again.  Today or tomorrow will be the peak of the tourist season for those of us here on NC's Crystal Coast.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will likely be our busiest days of the season.

We will have some traffic challenges, but given that we live in such a fantastic spot we can take a few hours of traffic on a few days of the years.  It is not like we have to drive the Washington Beltway, I77 in Charlotte, or the Raleigh ring road every day.
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We will have nice weather by the weekend


Getting to summer can be a long road with several detours.  This weekend's rain which is now over two inches made for a very quiet Sunday at our home.  read more »

Weather to please everyone


Yesterday was another warm January day with the temperature rising at least to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.  I spent the morning doing paperwork with the idea that we would go for a hike during the nicest part of the day.  This time of year that is between 1 PM and 3 PM.
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I hope it stays like this all year


When you love the out of doors, weather stays a major factor in your life. You get to a certain age, and the idea of going fishing with snow on the ground just does not offer any appeal so warm weather is important if you like to fish.

Last fall I was pretty busy learning about boating and the area. This fall I know enough to enjoy fishing a lot more. While my addiction to fishing is tempered by my love of photography and boating, it remains something I enjoy immensely.  read more »